Who says Gaume says nature. And rest.

Rolling meadows, forests and winding rivers take you into an enchanting colorful poem.

You can walk, cycle, ride horses, fish, go kayaking ... and fill up with energy.

The Gaumais are warm and welcoming and will gladly let you enjoy the little hotter microclimate in the summer.

Here you are welcome in the Provence of Belgium.


Attention during the hunting season !! Be careful and respect the directions in the woods.

At our door you can pick up 3 walks transsemoisiennes.

Number 36: Le Charmois (10 km, 3 hours, easy)

Number 38: Bois des Huttes (9 km, 3 hours, easy)

Number 39: La Sartelle (4 km, 1h30 easy)

Little further:

Number 40: Bois de la Houdrée (5 km, 2 hours, easy)

The GR runs a few hundred meters away.

But also longer trips and hours of fun in the surrounding villages and region are guaranteed!

This way you can follow the Gaume buissonière. A trip of 206 km, which you can cover one week.

Or why not immediately head for Santiago? The pilgrim path runs along our house.

to do in the area

  • Abbey of Orval from the 12th century, destroyed during the French Revolution
  • Gallo-Roman site of Chameleux
  • French village Williers, Azy and the walk to Bohanan (Fr)
  • Florenville, Gaumees village on the first questa, with shops, carillon with 48 bells and panorama with 800 km² lookout and chocolaterie Eduard
  • Castle of Les Epioux (1650)
  • Muno and the Roche à l'Appel
  • Jamoigne and its neo-Gothic castle and the chocolate factory
  • Virton, village on a questa with its Gaumees museum and small streets
  • Dam across the Vierre in Suxy
  • Bouillon with its castle
  • The cozy city center of Arlon
  • Gothic basilica of Avioth
  • Luxembourg with its casemates (L)
  • Citadel of Montmédy (Fr)
  • The city of Sedan with its annual medieval feast (Fr)
  • Charleville-Mézière (Fr)


  • Carnival in Florenville (half-fast)
  • Animal blessing in Saint-Hubert (first weekend of September)
  • Street theater festival in Chassepierre (third weekend of August, www.chassepierre.be)
  • Carnival of Arlon (weekend for half-fast)
  • Feast of Florenville (Sunday before Pentecost)
  • Potato celebrations in Florenville (first weekend of October)
  • Forest blessing in Habay-la-Neuve (second Sunday of September)
  • Fête de la musique in Izel (third weekend of June)
  • Fireworks in Florenville (August 15)
  • Fireworks in Bouillon (21 July)
  • Gaum's jazz festival in Rossignol (weekend of 15 August)
  • Puppet Festival in Charleville (every two years)
  • Maitrank party in Arlon (last weekend of May)
  • Stories festival in Chiny (second weekend of July
  • Great fires to kick out the winter (between the end of February and the end of March in each village once)
  • weekly flea markets in the various villages from May to October

more info

www.semois-tourisme.be (tourist service can be found in Florenville and Virton)





www.florenville.be – every last Sunday of the month flea market






cycling, horseback riding, kayaking or fishing...

  • We have a lot of information available. And of course we also gladly help you further.

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